Friday, January 09, 2009

Rough Day at the Office

Doesn't this look like a corona ad?!
On Sunday, we decided we just couldn't sit by the pool anymore and we took a ferry to Isla Mujeres and sat on the beach. The beach in Cancun is fairly eroded, rocky and rough so this was our day in the sand & surf. For about $30, we rented beach chairs, enjoyed fish tacos, pina coladas, and one or two (or six) cervesas. I love the colors of the buildings around town.We did a little shopping for the kids. I was reading a magazine that said a margarita has about 600 calories. Good thing we mostly drank pina coladas. I am sure the "fruit" made that drink much more bathing suit friendly. Nick had some strawberry & banana gellato, bought some candy for the kids and we took the ferry back to the hotel. Jessica has a friend from high school who lives on the island, but we never finalized details to meet her. This trip came upon us so fast we never really had time to think about it. Although the nice thing about Cancun is that you can have a great time just doing absolutely nothing.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed Nick wins another trip this year!

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Looks wonderful!