Monday, February 02, 2009

Artists in Waiting

The kids received some new art supplies and blank journals for Christmas. The word "journal" has just the right mystique - the twins have seen Ella's journal at school & it sounds fancier than notebook or coloring book! Since Ella got oil pastels, we have to keep them out of reach of the twins. The twins love the pastel crayons, but know they are only for kindergartners. Though, they do try to convince me that they are 5 & therefore old enough to play.

We found it adds to the allure if the colored pencils and journals are also kept in a closet out of reach. Sometimes, when they are wound up and crazy at night, we pull out the journals as a special treat. And sometimes, it works. Look at this concentration! Hard to believe just a few minutes earlier, she was in full meltdown mode. Greta & Charlie concentrate so hard on their job. They pretend to practice writing their names - just like Ella.
Grandpa Phil is our resident artist. He showed Ella that the pastels look very nice on colored paper. He did a 5 minute mountain scene while Ella prepared her masterpiece.
He told Ella to always remember to sign her work - hence the large E in the middle of the drawing. It's been fun watching Ella's development - you can actually tell what {most} of her pictures are now!

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