Monday, February 09, 2009

Ski School

My baby. All grown up. Well, at least it looks like it in this picture. Ella had to sit back & watch her older friends go skiing last year. This year, she was excited to go, but got very nervous as d-day approached. The kids are expected to carry their own gear - her bag is almost as big as she is. From all reports, it sounds like she enjoyed her first lesson (except that Mom didn't pack enough food). I swear she's hit a growth spurt. All of a sudden, she's become a scavenger that rips open Charlie & Greta's lunch box looking for scraps on the way home. I've started stuffing extra Z bars in her lunch box to help keep the blood sugar steady (and they don't go bad if 'the teachers don't give them time to eat lunch' and she comes home with half the food uneaten.)

Of course, Charlie & Greta want to go skiing too. And, on the way to school, all I heard was "But, Momma, I five." I tried to get the kids to pose for a group shot, but the junk in our garage was just too interesting.

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