Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bowled Over

Ella wants to go bowling when Grandma is in town this weekend. We thought we should take the twins on a test drive before we invite other people along. Bowling is not Greta's sport. She's an action girl who didn't understand all the sitting around & preferred to throw herself to the ground & ask when we were going to leave. We went (what we thought was) early on a Saturday evening. The place was totally filled. Luckily, the people on the lanes surrounding us were very nice.
Everyone had to be near the action & often spilled over into adjoining lanes. I think we've found Charlie's sport. The twins bowl using a ramp, but he made an impressive showing.
Pretty pathetic showing! Nick was the only one who broke 100. The lanes run specials on Sundays. Maybe it will be a nice outing next fall once the weather starts to get too cold to be outside. Or this weekend since we have a resurgence of cold weather which is causing Ella great displeasure. Apparently, she was hoping for sunshine & flowers on her birthday.

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