Monday, March 16, 2009


{I'm playing around in photoshop, so please excuse the incongruous photos}
We survived a whirlwind weekend. On Friday night, we took the family to the last Utah gymnastics meet of the season. We thought we would be easily able to catch up with some of Ella's classmates. Little did we know, we would be sharing the experience with over 15,000 of our closest friends. Greta asked to go home before the event started (it was passed her bedtime). But, she hung in there. It was very sweet - Ella was touched by the camaraderie of the teammates & was especially sad that the seniors were competing in their last home meet.
We had our first real spring-like weekend. Ella & I took Hogan on a little walk around the campus after her gymnastics class. She collected pinecones that she wants to make into birdfeeders. We stopped by the library where she picked out a book to read to me (I am so proud of how hard she is trying) & headed home for the next adventure. The kids celebrated {almost} spring with Popsicles with our neighbors. It is so amazing how much the kids look forward to Popsicles. It's like the greatest treat on earth. Have you seen THIS VIDEO yet? It will make you rush out & stock your freezer with all sorts of childhood treats. I could feel my kids growing up with each slide.
Greta was disappointed in her draw & tried to convince Nick to trade her half-eaten one for his new purple Popsicle. I loved the natural light in this picture even if Ella isn't looking at the camera. Hope you get to enjoy Popsicles on your back step this week.

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