Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Write Stuff

I thought it was kismet that this lovely much-traveled & delayed journal arrived on the same day that a writing club launched. Jaime, my roommate from college, hand-decorated each page of this journal & I love it. She even sent a perfect writing pen. The first journal had a sad journey through the mail & never arrived. She did this much work for me twice. And, my benefactor has written a book over the last year. I certainly couldn't find better motivation.
I keep so many different journals, I didn't want this to feel like an obligation. I'm squeezing in my writing when it feels like fun. So far I only have one entry. But, the kids get a little grumpy when they don't eat - I'll eventually find more time. There aren't many open windows right now. With the rollercoaster market, I'm trying to keep my job which means working more than I have over the last year. And, while this picture makes it look like I've merely created a grocery list, it's actually a description of my day using only nouns which was such a fun exercise. I hope to squeeze a few more minutes out of my week & at least do a weekly entry. Maybe it can be my Sunday night ritual. After the laundry is put away, the lunches are packed, the big bag is packed with school supplies & my work supplies are in the car, I can relax and reflect.

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Anonymous said...

I was contemplating doing a 365 journal challenge for 2009, but after a few days I realized that the time was just not going to be there. I think though that you may have inspired me to pull out the journal again and try to capture some of my fleeting thoughts. You're lucky to have such a generous and talented friend!