Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Nick & I are doing all that we can to keep up with work/school. It feels good to be busy, it's just tricky to keep up! I haven't taken as many pictures or posted as much as I'd like, but I've made some progress on getting some unused items out of the house. If I keep these hours up at work, I'll be able to {finally} order a real couch (so people don't have to squish into a loveseat) for our front room. The kids' school is gearing up for a rummage sale to raise money to create a green space for the students. It's a good push to clear out the garage (which really seems to be a never-ending project at our house). I've got a plan to revamp a few rooms in the house. At my pace, I'll have one done by the end of the year. It feels good just to have a vision of where I want the room to end up.

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