Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crawfish Central

We felt very fortunate to be included in our friend's annual Crawfish Party. They ship live crawfish in from New Orleans for an amazing experience! You can see the cooking set-up behind Sophie. The critters are washed in the wheelbarrows & then cooked in the large pots.
The fish are cooked with corn, cajun seasonings, lemons, spicy sausage & potatoes (I love this picture of Carson with no front teeth).
The cooked dish is transported by the chefs to the table.
It's the next best thing to fresh lobster! It's messy, but such a fun experience.
Our kids certainly wouldn't try any of the crawfish, but Ella & Greta had fun making ice cream & playing with the kids.

Charlie enjoyed the leftover ice cream & opted to find a quiet spot to entertain himself.
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