Monday, June 29, 2009

My Blue Heaven

Since starting camp, Ella has become very hip - throwing around all sorts of pre-teen sayings. The other day she got out of the shower & I gave her some clean clothes (including a dress she wanted to wear). She looked at me and dreamily said "Oh, Mom! I'm in HEAVEN!" If Charlie were so poetic, he would say that about Eli's house next door. They are putting on an addition & adding a heated driveway. The street has been a constant stream of big equipment. It's so hard to get him in the car in the morning. He would much rather watch the workers do their thing. And no, I don't normally dress Charlie in one piece unitards. It was splash day & he & Greta wore their swimsuits to school.
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Poozoe said...

Yesterday Tia said "we learned a dance!" and started doing the macarena...I started humming the tune and she was amazed I knew it! How could I? I wasn't at camp! That and she's into "We Will Rock You" which I guess they play on the bus.