Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We got a few projects finished around the house this weekend. I've been working on these silhouettes of the kids for a few months. Charlie's turned out the best. Though all the kids are recognizable. I hope to update them yearly.

While Ella was playing on the beach, we hung the pictures on her (somewhat) newly painted walls. She loves how it looks ("Just like Tia's room, except Tia doesn't keep her toys in her room because she has a big playroom") - just a few more purchases during our next Ikea run & we'll be done. Charlie was sure that Ella would like the "ducks" on the canopy the best.

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Poozoe said...

EXCELLENT job on the silouets (sp?)...amazingly beautiful. I have been eyeing the prints like your "Krista and Nick" on Etsy. We have the same taste on so many things. I think a print like that would make such a great wedding or anniversary gift!
Ella's room is fantastic. LOVE the orange, which is such a happy and creative color.