Friday, August 21, 2009

Les Gateaux

The twins only request for their birthday was that they wanted a cake. Greta wanted a pink cake & Charlie wanted a red cake. I have been so honored to make a cake for someone. Greta was THRILLED when she learned I was making HER cake. She helped me to stir & crack the eggs. When Ella cracks eggs, it takes about 15 taps. Not Greta. She grabbed the egg from me & SMASH! When she couldn't sleep that night, Nick brought her to the kitchen to see the finished cake & her face lit up. I wish I could freeze that moment. I realized after the fact, that I made her cake wrong. I was supposed to make 2 cakes with the bundt cake on top of two 9 inch rounds. That explains why I was looking at my cake trying to figure out how they fit the doll in the cake (you don't need to amputate the doll like I did). Oh well. Greta was excited.

Originally, I thought I would make Greta pink cupcakes using this cute recipe. However, I realized these were too little to be considered a cake by a 3 year old. These little sugar bombs were high octane! One of these days, I'll do a post on the cupcakes. I learned a few things in the process that I did wrong. I think they could taste better.

Greta & Ella helped me decorate Charlie's cake while he went to get a haircut. The icing was a little pink which made the girls happy - any excuse to liberally apply red sprinkles! Ella picked out the toppings for his cake.
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