Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Little Scholars

Today was the first day of school & everyone survived. I asked Ella whether first grade was different from kindergarten. "Yes!" she exclaimed, "We have a totally different playground, go outside at different times and don't have to finish eating at a certain time." She has three guinea pigs in the classroom, so no surprise what her favorite part of the day was (touching them).

Charlie & Greta wanted to call Nick & tell him about their first day.
N: Hello?
C: Hi Dad.
N: Hey buddy, how was your first day of school?
C: I went poop.
N: Well, that's good. Did you like your new teachers?
C: It was a huge one.
N: Oh.
G: Hi Daddy.
N: Hi, Greta! How was your first day of school?
G: I'm in the Blue Class. Does your wrist still hurt Dad?

Apparently, Greta left her class today & went down the hall to the bathrooms. She took a detour & stopped by the toddler classroom. She proudly proclaimed she was in the big kid class now, used their potty & headed back to class.

And, for the record, yes, Nick's wrist still hurts. Doc #1 recommends shortening one bone, Doc #2 recommends lengthening a different bone. We'll see if Doc #3 can break the tie.
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