Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Market!

We are home from Spain - safe & sound. It was an amazing trip, but I'm not quite ready to tackle the photos.

So, while I process and collect my notes, I'm going to post a few leftovers from the last month.
The Farmer's Market in Bloomington blows away anything I have seen in Utah. Makes you appreciate just how important water, a normal growing season & good soil is!
Growing up in Bloomington, I had my own little garden that overflowed with vegetables.
Now, we have snow on the ground through May & very little sunlight. So, the only fresh veggies we get are through the over abundance of our friend's gardens.

All of the produce was so vibrant & fragrant. Ella picked out an heirloom tomato for BLT's. They were delicious! So hard to find in Utah (for a decent price). What a treat!
But, of course, Ella's favorite part of the day had nothing to do with the flowers or vegetables. She was drawn to the kettle corn (declared not as tasty as our zoo's) & clogging. She could have watched these ladies all day.

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