Sunday, October 04, 2009

Before & After

I thought I would have some of our Spain pictures ready to post by now, but I'm still working through them. Hopefully I'll start posting them by tomorrow night. On Friday, Ella had a half day of school. It was time for a haircut before school pictures later this month. Ella was not happy & broke down in tears. She insisted that she only get a trim. We settled on an inch off the ends. We talked this over with the stylist & I thought all was well. When I looked up again, I saw she had chopped quite a bit off her hair. I went over to the chair & Ella had stopped watching her movie & was staring, stone-faced, at the mirror. The damn stylist kept going on & on about how much hair she cut off. I was expecting Ella's tears to start at any minute, I knew she was disappointed, but but I didn't want to worsen the situation by acknowleding the stylists loose interpretation of "below her shoulders". Ella didn't say another word until we got outside.
I told her that her hair looked very nice & asked her if she liked it. She answered that she wanted the lady to cut it a little longer, but she was glad that her hair grows fast. By the end of the weekend, Ella was loving her new-do & wondering if anyone would even recognize her when she goes to school tomorrow.
And no, we don't have her doing pagents. Ella was modeling her new Spanish flamenco dress & clip-on earrings this weekend. More cute photos to follow.

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Poozoe said...

I think her hair is the perfect frame for her delicate little face. she looks beautiful and I love the flamenco dress and earrings!!

Your masthead is fab!