Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 4, Part 2 - Ronda

After our happily late departure from Sevilla (keep in mind that many streets aren't marked & even with directions, we had disagreement as to whether we were on the right road), we made our way toward Ronda.
Spanish Countryside

We passed olive groves (or maybe almond trees?) - it was the green spots among the brown background.

We passed some goats & sheep. I was surprised at how much empty countryside exists in Spain.

The drive was very beautiful with several little white villages along the way.

Peublos Blancos

We arrived in Ronda - hello wind! We were not prepared for the big temperature change between Sevilla & Ronda.


The two major sites in Ronda are the bullfighting ring - thought to be the oldest in Spain:
Plaza del Toro

And, the bridge:

Another Angle

At 3,000 feet above sea level (and only an hour from the coast), Ronda has impressive views of the valley. The new bridge was built in the 1700's.


We were surprised at how large Ronda was. We didn't stay long because Nick (still) wasn't feeling well & wanted to get back to the condo. Given another few hours & a healthy driver, I would have gone below the bridge for a view from the ground. Maybe we would have stayed for dinner. The drive from Ronda to the coast was very windy & steep. It was a gorgeous drive that we were happy to do during the daytime hours.
Seat with a view

Along the way, we passed Benhavis - the dining room of Costa Del Sol. We weren't exactly sure where it was & Nick wasn't up for eating - but next trip, we are putting it on our itinerary.

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