Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kate Plus 8, 9, 10

We had a fabulous Halloween. I don't watch the weather & had assumed winter was here to stay. Saturday was beautiful.

Shark, Pirate & Pumpkin

We went to a party at Ross & Cecilia's. Kate Gosselin showed up - probably in town to work a Sundance deal.
A little haggard

Her kids came along. They were pretty cute.

Aunt Jessica whipped up this cute little costume much to Greta's delight.
Lil Punk'n

Cecilia had all the kids back to her house for marshmallows & cocoa after trick or treating, but Ella has a tradition of trick or treating with our neighbor. The twins walked our street & then tuckered out.

It was so cute to see them counting their loot.

The big girls went back out with the Dads to hit a few more houses. One or more of these guys may have been invited.

Please excuse the grainy photos. I'm experimenting with not using a flash. Some pics work better than others. My pumpkin shots aren't too bad - only slightly blurry.
Master C's Happy Jack
Ella, Mom, Dad:
Dad, Mom & MG's pumpkins

Greta's (drawn by her):
Miss G's pumpkin

Happy Daylight Savings!

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