Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Polar Express Magic

Before New York, there was the Polar Express (thank you Kari & Nicole for the photos). I have a cute video if I can find it on our computer. We braved sketchy roads to travel to the train. This year it was ridiculously cold. Our traditional photo op in front of the car didn't happen. In fact, I don't think we have any pictures of the kids with Nicole (our guest of honor). Ella starts talking about Mrs. Claus' cookies in November. She RAVED about these 'homemade' gems for days afterward. Nate liked to extract all the chocolate chips first. Favorite memories of this year's journey to the North Pole: 1. Ella (needing security) dragging Greta up to the microphone to announce our holiday traditions (decorating cookies for Santa) and then abandoning Greta up at the microphone. 2. Greta not being phased by being left behind. She stood up there talking for minutes before the conductor could finally get her to leave. 3. Nate eating his cookie chip-by-chip & reading his book upside down. 4. Hayden & Ella sharing a book. 5. Charlie snuggling quietly with his blanket all night & then excitedly shouting that he could see the North Pole. 6. Ella & Noah holding up signs during the 12 days of Christmas. 7. Kari's cute hat (no photos?!) 8. Bill winning the ho-ho-ho down. 9. Nicole traveling all the way from New York to the North Pole with us. 10. Ella declaring that she could see Rudolph's nose.
Kari & I mark each year with milestones from the twins. This year, no diapers! Next year? Maybe I'll make it through the night without anyone throwing themselves onto the bathroom floor in a fit of desparation. A girl can wish.

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