Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where Has the Week Gone?

I can't believe it's already Thursday. It's been a jam packed week here. Monday, Greta was leader of the day & we finished up Ella's science fair exhibit. Charlie fought a cold on Tuesday & stayed home from school.

Yesterday, Charlie & Greta sat by themselves in the dentists chair for the first time. Ella participated in her first science fair. Charlie & Greta were very proud of her efforts! Before the fair started, her former classmates (who are now kindergartners) were standing in the hall excitedly whispering that Ella & Noah had become mad scientists (it was very cute).
After the fair, we started preparations for the breakfast fundraiser at the school. Poor Charlie just curled up on the couch by me, but we raised a lot more money than we anticipated - almost $1000 for a Montessori School in Port-au-Prince Haiti that is helping children devastated by the quake. The highlight of the day was when two kindergartners brought in donations - one emptied her piggybank & the other had a jelly jar full of "money to be used to help other people." Amazing kids.
We did find some time for fun this week. I saw three Sundance movies - two in Park City where all the "action" is. We "ran into" Morgan Spurlock, Joan Rivers (looking pretty good & happier than she looks in this photo), Chris Cooper and some other actor whose name I don't know. We picked up some glamorous swag (free stuff) like a hat, jelly bellys (from the inventors son no less) and hand sanitizer. We felt like rock stars.
Main Street

The big talk of the town has been the possible sightings of a famous graffiti artist. I didn't realize taggers had a following, but apparently, they do.
My favorite movie was It's a Wonderful Afterlife - the director previously made Bend it Like Beckham. This one's a bit kooky, but fun. It stars this guy from the TV show Heroes. He was at the screening along with the director which is always fun. We usually like to see the award winning movies on the last weekend, but Dad's coming into town so if we see a movie, it is more likely to be Pixar rather than an Indy variety. Enjoy what's left of the week!

Up & Coming

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