Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Fun For Under $20

With big brother & sister occupied, we took the 4 twins out for an afternoon on the town. Looks like Nate & Greta are inching ahead on the growth chart this month.

It was such a different experience than last year at Ella's birthday.

The kids picked up the balls by themselves & pushed them down the alley.

The balls moved painfully slow -one stopped mid-journey and another turn the gate timed-out & cleared the pins before the ball made it down the lane.
Then, the ramp became available & we were in business. Momentum is a good thing when you are bowling.

Check out Charlie's strike! It was a nail-biter, but Hayden took home the kitty. The kids had so much fun & the lanes are less than a mile from our house. We need to take 2 hours & get down there more often.
I'm posting a few good dinner recipes. Check out our Valentine's Day dinner HERE.
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