Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've been catching up reading old magazines while on the stair machine at the gym. I'm a sucker for editor picks. One magazine talked about honeybells. They are only available for a short time at the first of the year. I decided to order some.
I had no doubt the maniac orange eater in our family would love them (though technically they are not oranges).
While not as passionate about the fruit, this guy has been known to kick back a few wedges in his day.
I was most surprised when someone from the "I don't like oranges" camp in our family gave me a thumbs up.
The fruit is a "rare hybrid of Duncan Grapefruit & Dancy Tangerines." Very sweet & very juicy.
No Color Enhancement Needed!
While I know oranges are a winter fruit, they are brightly colored & ooze springtime (sorry NYC!). In fact, these guys are only available for a few weeks in January (I think I got lucky ordering mine at the beginning of February). You can pre-order for 2011(!) HERE.
A Taste of Florida
The only downside is that we watched Food, Inc. last night. The movie is truly a MUST SEE film. But, one of the messages of the film is the importance of eating locally. Though, no citrus fruit grows in Utah, so I'm trying to just enjoy these babies until they are gone.

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Vanessa said...

Will have to look for these tasty fruits... if they are still around! Your blog is lovely!