Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ski Day

The parents always look so envious as the kids drag their ski gear into the school on Wednesdays. Today, I chaperoned Ella's field trip to Brighton. There were kids & skis everywhere.
Herding Cats
Ella was willing to pose with her friend Izzy, but most other requests for posed photos were denied.
Ski Buddies
Of course, once the kids were in action, I was very popular.
Neon Hello
The weather wasn't too bad despite the snow. The sun never came out, but everyone stayed warm & happy.
The Cats Coming Home
The snow really started coming down on the last run. Ella is on the upper left in purple. Today was a tree & bumps day for Ella - I'll bet Nick isn't that disappointed he missed this week. I wonder if they'll head back to the half pipe again next week when he re-joins the group.
Best Pic of the Day
This is my favorite picture of the day - he looks like he is going so fast! It was a lot of fun to get to tag along with Ella - even if she wouldn't let me sit by her on the bus.

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