Sunday, February 07, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Kari & I are pitching a new reality TV show - World's Most Amazing Women. The pilot episode included two super-moms taking 9 kids (5 under 4) to lunch without anyone's stress levels rising.

Throw in a mini-amusement park with no children being lost or hurt or frustrated with their siblings.

Add a little drama in the middle to keep things interesting. Let the children break out of their shell's & deepen friendships with new growing experiences. Include footage from nearly 2.5 hours of happy constantly moving kids.

Watch the master mom's maneuver the kids away from the {not included in the price of admission} arcade games.
Cap the day with a trip to the ice cream shop & count how many kids fall asleep on the way home {3 out of 4 in my car}.

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