Tuesday, March 02, 2010

2016 Preview

We're hot off the Winter Olympics & the kids are excited.
Ella loved the ice dancing and snowboarding (she can't wait to discuss Shaun White with Uncle K).
She saw a highlight reel of a ski jumper & made an off handed comment that she caught that much air with Dad this weekend.
Doesn't this look like an impressive dismount?!

Our Olympic couch potato watching highlights included:
1. Seeing Alexandre Bilodeau win Canada's first gold. What a backstory.
2. Cheering for Lindsey Vonn.
3. Watching Kim Yu-na. Amazing.
4. The Gold Medal Hockey Match - so close!
5. The Men's Bobsled team gold medal runs - go Utah!
6. Seeing Charlie convert his "golf club" into a hockey stick
7. During the Medal Ceremony for hockey, Greta asked
"are those guys all getting married?"
8. Apollo Ono
9. The McTwist-a-rific Shaun White
10. During closing ceremonies, from the peanut gallery - "Boy, they really like talking about Canada."

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