Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Little Artists

Today is a cold blustery day. I had to drive to Provo for work which was a little unnerving with limited visibility & lots of semi trucks. But, I'm listening to a new audio book - Shadow of the Wind. While I feel a little guilty listening to audio books, this book has been on my to-read list for almost a year. I'm lucky to get through my book club book each month so I'm taking advantage of my car time.
On another cold blustery spring day, we went to the Salt Lake ART Center's Family Art Saturday. They host free art projects once a month. The boyfriend of our babysitter runs the program. In March, the theme was masks. The kids toured the student sculptures for inspiration - one piece consisted of lots of masks. The kids were given some clay & were sent to work.
art class
Charlie squashed his clay flat & poked away making holes for nearly an hour. When he said he was done & ready to wash his hands, I looked & saw that he had put his clay back into a ball. He carefully wrapped it in paper towels to take it home.
Greta had her own interpretation. While Charlie poked, she painted. With water. For an hour. Then, her masterpiece was complete. She carefully wrapped her wet clay in a paper towel for safe transportation home.
finished mask
Ella was a bit more literal with her creation. Her mask not only included a face, but also hands & legs too.
We are looking forward to seeing what they create next month.

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