Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proud Mama Moment


When we saw the Lightning Thief, we saw a trailer for Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I thought it would be a great next book to read together. When I brought it home, Ella said she wanted to read it herself. I was worried it was too difficult but she assured me that she had "looked at the words and I can do it." So, we started reading it together before bed. Then something happened I never thought would happen - she started reading it on her own. In the car on the way to school, during silent reading at school {well, I think she prefers to visit during this time at school}, this was a HUGE change from her attitude toward reading over the last two years.
The other day I told her I would have to return the book to the library because there were too many holds & she protested that she was almost done. And, she read like a speed demon - on the way to Alta with Dad & Kevin, on the way to school, when she got home. And she finished it last night. Her first chapter book!
This series is such a great starter book for kids. It's funny & has cartoons every few pages. Ella's confidence has grown tremendously with this experience. We can't wait to celebrate by going to see the movie.
We've been celebrating a lot for Ella lately - we had her parent-teacher conference recently. Her teachers only had glowing comments for Ella. She's a hard worker & good friend to her peers. Ice cream celebrations are the best!


Jen Norris said...

Good to know! Jack reads without complaint when he has to, but won't pick up a book as a choice... We'll have to try this series!

Hope all else is well - Jen

Poozoe said...

aaaah! That is so AWESOME! Ella, you ROCK!!