Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

Nick made it to Budapest. I started getting nervous last night watching the flight tracker. An hour after take-off, the display showed his plane pointed back toward New York City. Minor panic. Volcanic ash? Emergency landing? I had to walk away from the computer. A few hours later, he was over the Atlantic, but his plane was no where near the regular flight path (which is over the UK). Of course that makes sense in view of the ash over Northern Europe (Nick said Frankfurt is still closed). But, I was anxious to hear that he landed safely.

He was thrilled to discover three notes from the kids hidden in his suitcase. They were excited to hear that Dad liked their surprises. Given Nick's schedule, he'll only be able to talk with the kids on the weekend. So, we sent him questions by email:
Ella - what does Budapest look like?
Charlie - do you like red fire trucks?
Greta - Happy Thanksgiving.
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