Saturday, April 17, 2010

Runners, Take Your Mark


The kids ran in the annual charity FUN RUN at their school this week. They collected pledges from family members to raise money for the two charities supported by the school.
Ella took the run very seriously - she said they have been training in gym class. She counted 29 laps (though the official count was about half that total).

Despite the serious faces, the kids had a great time. The energy in the gym was fabulous! I love Noah's perfect form - he may be a runner just like his Dad.
The twins showed a bit more emotion on their faces. Josiah looks very competitive in this photo!
Charlie was all business - barely acknowledging my presence. I think his shoes are on the wrong feet.
Greta was a bit more sociable eventually ditching her shoes like the kindergartner girls. She left for school wearing 4 shirts. By the time of the run, she had stripped down to 3 layers. Is it any wonder her laundry pile is always the largest?
The kids all tried their best & ran hard. We are so proud of our runners!

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