Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why We Love Aunt Jessie

She lets us borrow her pretty shoes.

She brings us pink marshmallows. Just because.

She has mad sewing skills. When the kids get a rip in their jeans or lose a button, they immediately start a pile for her. We think she'll be ready for Project Runway soon.

She's super creative & resourceful. Nick has a habit of wearing out the elbows in his shirts (Yeah, we don' t get it either). Jessica made 2 cute dresses out of his old shirts.
Look how much these sisters love each other. Just like when we were kids.

She's ultra chic & scoured the Liberty of London line at Target for summer dresses for the girls. I think this one will fit Ella for a few years.

And, she sent Nina to the store in Indiana & checked the online availability of other options for Greta.

She finds fun things to do with the dogs.
She not only buys cool video games as birthday gifts, she shows us how to use them. What moves! (Yes, there were some more 'in the groove' shots, but we're saving those)


Poozoe said...

She needs to open an etsy shop with those men's shirt dresses PRONTO!

ps...she rocks.

Monica said...

I LOVE those repurposed shirt dresses! I agree with Kim -- she could market those! Tell Jessica hello and that we think she is an awesome aunt.

Sorry to see all your snow -- it's really spring here now, 80 degrees, broad blue skies, beginner tans, open windows, A/C, etc etc. We're loving it (just not the spring allergies that come with it).