Monday, May 17, 2010

April Adventures

In March, Greta asked to call Nina. The conversation went something like this:
Greta: Nina? When you coming to visit? I haven't seen you in too long.
Nina: I would love to come see you. Would next month work?
Greta: No. I think I'm busy.
Luckily, Mom wasn't deterred & came anyway. While Mom was in town, we did a little celebrating. The kids thought it was hilarious that we had to raid so many candle stashes to properly top Uncle K's cake.
Someone was on his way to Hawaii for a real celebration, but managed to set off the smoke alarm at our house with all his candles.
Grandpa Phil always likes going to the Park Cafe for breakfast & the kids were happy to show him their favorite post-pancake activity.
It was a crisp morning, but such a nice change from all the crazy spring snow.
We had the park to ourselves - but the squeals & giggles were so loud, it felt like the park was crowded!
What's not to love about all the extra hands to help push the swing?
Grandpa's quite the swinger.
We try not to take Hogan to the park these days. As an old man, he's much like a toddler, he just barks & barks until he's given what he wants (freedom from the pesky leash). We try explaining that his cousins get to come because they are better behaved, but it is like he doesn't understand what we are saying.
Spring weather, stick around for a bit. We are loving all this outdoor time.

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