Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rockin' Play Dates

Greta has been asking for a sleepover with Ainsley for months. We settled on a playdate - postponing the sleepover for a few more years.
Since Ella played chess with Ainsley's big brother & Charlie loves Graeme's toy collection, everyone was invited along. We made cookies & loaded them up with icing & toppings.
I learned that Charlie is a pretty good ball kicker. But, I couldn't figure out why it looked like he was limping.
Mystery solved. He couldn't find his other boot. Rather than take off the boot when I handed him the black pair of shoes, he just shoed his bare foot. It was funny & we talked about trying to make sure he has on two matching shoes. He nodded seriously acknowledging my words. But, when we got to school on Monday, I saw he did the same thing again.
We had our first experiences climbing trees. I tried not to worry too much.
Even when this little one decided to climb to infinity & beyond.
Greta is super excited that Ainsley will be at her school this fall and hopes that they will be in the same classroom. If only the girls lived close enough to walk to each others homes. Greta would never leave her side.

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