Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sunshine for Breakfast

One noticeable change from the last two years is that with Nick around, I'm actually able to sneak out for hikes.
I can't quite capture how beautiful the mountains are this time of year.
We are lucky that a short 10 minute drive provides such amazing elevation gains.
And inspiring views.
Copper Mine
Ella's class just did a tour of the copper mine (the big brown mass at the base of the mountains).
We were looking for landmarks near our house (which is mostly hidden by trees).
I like this time of year because the mountains are still a bit brown as not all the trees have started to bloom. Summer passes by so quickly, I enjoy the anticipation of warmer days to come.
Puppy Cam
And, we are getting Hogan back in shape, one hike at a time. We'll see if the big Dog Lake hike is in the cards for him this year.

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