Saturday, August 07, 2010


My computer has been getting a "stress test" since Tuesday. When does my stress test start? While the files on the computer & back up drive are safe, I can't access any of them. So July photos will have to wait for a bit. I hate these learning experiences. The next project is setting up back-up access to the back-up drive.
Almost 4

Miss Greta has been on a roll lately. She is very upset now that she understands that her BFF's in the kindergarten class won't be coming back this fall. She cries that she won't have any friends when school starts (and she ignores Charlie's adorable little comments that he will still be her friend). She is OBSESSED with gum. She's trying to understand where everything comes from (grass, sky, rocks, flowers) and who paints it all. She LOVES to brush her hair and paint her toes. She's trying to laugh more which is very fun to see & hear (Dad told her that clean up goes faster if you laugh). She gave Ella one half of her new BFF necklace until she understood what it said. Then, she asked Ella if she could have it back to give to Olivia (Ella got to keep it).
She can't wait to go to Indiana to visit Nina & Grandpa. She's an EARLY bird - if she sleeps in until 6:30 it's a miracle (and we pay for that in the afternoon). She loves going to camp at St. Paul's and doing Stretch & Grow (can you see my lungs Dad?) She & Charlie constantly threaten not to invite each other to their joint birthday party. She likes to pretend that she is four. She dreams vividly.
We love you Greta!

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