Thursday, August 12, 2010

Park Silly

I have a handful of very close friends who live too far away. So far away that I've never met their kids. I find it unsettling to have such important friends & not know their children. So, I was thrilled when a friend from high school said her extended family was planning a vacation in Park City.
Caitlin & I spent a lot of time together in high school and college (with Katy and Stephanie too). I haven't seen her (or her brother or parents) since her wedding (when I was pregnant with Ella). We met at the Sunday Park Silly Market - kind of like a farmer's market without the produce.
We ate breakfast & enjoyed the usual kid friendly routines.
Ella & Sean immediately hit it off. It made me wonder if they would be friends if we lived closer. I have so many happy memories of Cait et al. - driving around town in her cute silver convertible listening to the BEST MIX TAPE EVER. Caitlin was Canadian (and Irish) so her musical taste was much more sophisticated than us Indiana girls raised on John Mellencamp. During 80's music weekends on the radio, any New Order or Echo & the Bunnymen have me thinking of Caitlin. (Sting - Katy & Depeche Mode Stephanie in case you were wondering)
But, back to our visit. We bounced.
And played games.
And bounced some more.
The kids were very impressed with the balloon clown.
Only one balloon popped prematurely - not too bad.
It was an extremely hot day so Caitlin's older brother entertained the troops in air conditioning while we helped Caitlin move hotel rooms. He read the same book 4 times to Charlie without missing a beat. Seriously Best Dad material here.
I was very impressed with his ability to remain calm in the presence of 7 amped up children.
Nick rode his bike to Park City & was very dirty upon arrival. Nick, Kevin & Grandpa Cameron managed to walk all 7 kids (Ella was the oldest) to lunch & back. Nick said Grandpa did a quick head count as they were leaving lunch & said "Oh damn, we've lost one!" Luckily, the missing grandchild was merely on Grandpa's shoulders.
Of course, despite our lengthy visit with the kids & second visit just chatting, we failed to get a picture together. But, that's OK, we look exactly the same as we did 7 years ago.
Except, of course, that the bump in my belly is now a scary tiger:

Ok Rachel, Monica & Stephanie - your kids are next on my list of must-meets!

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