Thursday, August 26, 2010

Too Cool 4 School

First Day of School
First day of school was a hit. I can't remember why Greta was so grumpy - probably because she was cold & mad she couldn't take her pillow pet to school. Charlie refused to believe me when I told him his shirt was on backward - why would they put the fancy stuff on the back of the t-shirt where he can't see it?
Both Greta & Ella made new friends the first day. Favorite thing about school - Seeing my friends again (Ella), Seeing my friends again (copy cat Greta), playing outside 3 times (Charlie).
Life has been a bit crazier than usual here. We found out last week that Nick got a job in New Mexico. He moves in the beginning of October so we are scrambling like crazy to get the house on the market. This weekend - garage sale.

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