Monday, September 27, 2010

Scrambled Eggs

For the past 7 1/2 years, I've felt like I've pretty much kept things together. Everyone got where they needed to be, had food & the right outdoor clothing, we arrived within a reasonable time of when we expected & I didn't forget too many field trips, class projects, etc.
That's all out the window now. We are living in a weird temporary space of a spotless home and weekends filled with lengthy absences from the house. And, this morning, for the life of me, I could not remember what we did all day Saturday. I concentrated & pondered. Nothing.
So I looked at my photos on the camera. Nothing.
So, I tried to remember why I didn't have my camera with me. And, the memories came flooding back. The morning was spent doing laundry & cleaning & reading with Ella. Nick & the twins did the dry cleaning run, haircuts & washed Nick's car. I ran to Costco, the library, the tailor & came home in time to rush out the door to feed the kids. I forgot my camera.
After dropping Hogan at Jessica's, we spent a lovely afternoon the park with Toni, Lonny & the adorable little Sophia. I have no pictures, but imagine Greta at 18 months with lovely long hair (I know, it's impossible to think of Greta with long hair).
J Jump
I tried not to be too jealous as Toni & Lonny talked about moving back to Salt Lake City. My mind was racing as I thought of all the fabulous adventures they will have here and wondering if, when we leave Albuquerque, whether I'll have the same twinge of sadness.
After the park, I picked up Hogan, ran to the grocery store & threw together a salad for our Millcreek adventure with Jessica & Kevin. I took lots of bad pictures of my kids eating. But, it was a perfect night. I had dropped the pork off at Jessica's on Friday. Kevin had marinated & cooked it. I need to try that trick more often.
Lots of marshmallows, bathtime, bedtime & the new routine started all over again.

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Shauna said...

Love your photo of the day for 9/26/2010 Krista!! It is awesome. I think your Saturday sounded splendid -- I do not know how you do all you do!!!! xoxo