Thursday, September 23, 2010


555 alarm goes off
556 snooze button hit
608 nick says he's getting up
??? nick leaves bathroom
??? I get up & put on wonderbar
??? fold laundry from dryer, empty washer, start load
??? OMG my iphone toting mother joined facebook
703 CRAP. Apparently Nick left late this morning & now I am behind.
704 First wake up call
??? In shower
??? third call to greta & charlie
??? greta showered
??? charlie cries during entire 2 minute shower that he wanted a bath
??? ella is up, dressed & helping "do" greta's hair
??? props to ella
??? charlie is still crying in my bathroom
??? ask charlie if he wants some of dad's hair gel
??? crying stops
??? ella makes her bed, I make twins beds (no time for them to make their own today)
740 How did it get so late?
741 all kids dressed & breakfast is served
??? twins room cleaned, blinds up, windows open, lights on
??? blinds up, windows open, lights on in ella's room
??? finish getting ready
??? switch laundry
??? clean 2 bathrooms
??? kids make final scramble for car blankets
755 We are running late - send kids down to get shoes on
??? clean kitchen, dog food, start dishwasher
??? final sweep through house, lights on, closets closed, surfaces clean
??? greta needs a jacket
??? someone dumped woodchips from their shoes all over the stairs
??? confirm all lunches in the car
??? dog in car
??? props to kids for getting into car & getting buckled
810 late start to the day
812 ella finds shirt in car she likes better & changes
815 ten minute delay makes a huge difference (in a bad way) in traffic
816 ella complains that the shirt she found in the car is making her itch
824 ella changes in the car
825 ella runs into class (but we aren't tardy!)
827 twins' lunchbox drop, coats on, make our way downstairs
828 wave to ella in class
835 watch clean, coiffed kids ready for school pics jump into sandbox (oh well, nice effort)
840 leave school
845 one dirty chai for breakfast
846 grab random kids papers while waiting for coffee & stuff into bag
847 YELLOW SLUGBUG NO SLUGBUG BACK (its reflexive now)
850 arrive at post office
851 3M tape to the rescue
852 NICE! no line
853 Ok, two people snuck in front of me, still not bad
900 the lovely postal worker is trying to make a personal connection with each customer
902 i wonder if mom is going to ask us to teach her how to tweet
905 wrong turn to the gas station
907 grab & toss more random papers from the car
910 drop off movies at library. missed the morning fine free period
915 Hogan to Jessica's
920 the day starts, a little late, but not too bad

The worst part about yesterday was that my 4:30 phone conference ran late so I left late to grab the kids. The rain made traffic TERRIBLE (?!) so I had to pick up the kids & then backtrack to get Hogan from Jessica's. We were supposed to have a broker tour yesterday, but it was obvious that no one had been through the house. Apparently, it was postponed until next week. So the house cleaning scramble & dog related delays from the morning were unnecessary.

Hogan was up at 3:30 last night alerting us to the presence of a squirrel deer lynx in the backyard & pawed & barked until we got up. So, Nick & I were up extra early this morning which allowed me to get some more items emailed/ready to mail for today. We are supposed to have a showing today, so the routine started over again this morning. Same song, different lyrics. I am ready for this house to sell.

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