Friday, October 15, 2010


We enjoyed a spectacular day (away from our super clean house) at Lagoon. Our first time as a family & we texted Nick (and Nicole) lots of pictures of our adventures.
The first rides we encountered were spinny ones that I needed to ride to chaperon the twins.  I made it through two rides without throwing up (barely) and quickly decided to head toward rides that they could do on their own!

We managed to get through the trick or treating spook house & garden path before they realized more rides awaited.
They had fun coloring & collecting prizes in the hay maze. We rode the train (I won' t mention the saddest looking animals we saw) & some big ship thing that spun around.
Who doesn't love a little fairy dust on the shoes?
Thankfully, Lagoon had a section of rides that the kids could do alone.
Someone pinched her finger on the swings & barely lived to tell about it.
The kids took turns on rides for the twins & ones that only Ella could do. I was very happy it wasn't too busy & could easily watch all three kids without having an anxiety attack.
We were all able to ride the mini rollercoaster together & ate lunch on a park bench (you can bring your own!!)
I tried very hard not to think about the swings flying off while Ella was on them.

One of the best parts of the day was when Ella found this ride she loved. 
(big drop)
And the twins found this ride they loved.  I could sit on a bench & watch the twins jump off their ride & run into line again & watch Ella squeal & wave to me from her ride. Everyone was happy for a good 20 minutes.

They wanted to do those spinny teacups things again, but after 1 ride, I convinced them to try out the water ride. I was very happy no one broke down in tears after getting soaked.
Best part of the 5 hour day? The fact that Greta's meltdown occurred within spitting distance of the car. Truly a sign of a successful outing at this stage our our lives.
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