Monday, October 18, 2010

Gardner Village

We made it out to Gardner Village while Nick was in town. I could not believe how busy it was. But, you throw in good weather & a festive (free) atmosphere & people will show up! 

We met Ross & Cecilia to take some family photos.  Unfortunately, Marcus got a splinter that really hurt. The kids tried to cheer him up.

It didn't work very well. So, Nick took our kids out an a little adventure. 
Witches, witches everywhere!
We gave it a good effort, but it just wasn't the right day to take the photos. So, I thought we could walk around the village a bit.
However, by that time, Nick was done with the crowds.
And, cutesy little shops aren't his thing. We all said goodbye - happy to have one last get-together (even a short one) - before our next travel adventure together.
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