Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Carnival

Ella & her scariest Skeleton friend got glamorous for this year's school carnival.
Charlie wanted scary make up like the girls & requested that his face be painted like a shark.
When Charlie announced he wanted to be a shark with a puffy belly, I was a little worried because I had already put last year's costume in the donation pile.  Luckily, it was in the box of garage sale stuff that Nick put in storage (and we discovered well after the garage sale was done).

This year, the carnival featured a scales n' tails show.  Greta was not impressed ("I don't like spiders"), but the rest of the school was enthralled.  Charlie touched a big snake which surprised me.
I know we were so lucky to be in this school for so long. The teachers know all our kids, they could wander in the classroom or into the gym to play games by themselves this year & I didn't have to worry that I couldn't see them at all times. And yes, that is a baby alligator. I really hope that they have a plan (that doesn't involve a new pair of boots) for the baby as it grows. I can't imagine a full grown gator is good at kid parties.
The kids had a spooktacular time & ate far too many sweets.
Happy Halloween!

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