Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Checking In

I haven't been able to download any of my photos yet  - hopefully within the week we will have the computer up & running. Jessica sent me the new masthead photo from Utah. After several years of unimpressive snowfall, it is apparently coming back with a vengeance. The kids (and Nick) are anxiously watching the approaching storm in Utah & daydreaming about the sledding, skiing & snowman building that they are missing.
The girls are really homesick for their friends this week. Greta asks everyday "is today the day we are going to eat turkey?" The kids are making their Christmas lists & I am searching for the best spot in the new town to find Santa. Today, we are off to Ella's PT conference & then do the final walk through on the house. If the kids are good, we are going to explore a new museum.


shauna said...

Hi Krista -- It is very cold and snowy here. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Utah misses the Powell family very much!

xoxo Shauna

Monica said...

I've loved your last two posts -- it's good to hear how the transition is going. Have you seen this:

makes me wonder about Hogan, and in all events will make you laugh!