Monday, November 01, 2010

Trick or Treat!

With Nick out of town, I got to trick or treat with the kids this year. I left a bowl of candy on our porch (hardly touched by the time I got home). We went to Cecilia's epic annual Halloween party. It was a cold, wet night! Cecilia had an amazing spread & then by a Halloween miracle, the clouds lifted & we ran (at least Greta & Ella did) through the neighborhood to collect some candy. Charlie held my hand as we walked.
I heard some older kids complaining as they left a house because no candy was given out. Then, I heard Greta yelling to me "MOM!! THIS IS SO COOL - GUESS WHAT THEY GAVE OUT? TOOTHBRUSHES! I AM GOING TO USE MINE TONIGHT AFTER I EAT MY CANDY."
Then, because we didn't have enough candy, we waited for Asha to get home from her party & walked our street together.
Did I mention that Greta did her own make-up this year? I think she makes one smashing ladybug.
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