Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorations 101

This is the front room of the house. From this point, the front door is behind you & the kitchen is accessible to the left.  The wall on the right is also the wall to the kids' bedrooms. There are also two big french doors leading to the outside opposite the Christmas tree.
This summer, Jessica encouraged me to buy the pinecone garland you see. I argued that I didn't have a mantle. She replied "Well, you might one day."
The garland was marked down to $8 (from $99) at Pottery Barn so I took a chance she was right. I am going to miss Jessica's bargain shopping. Nick works right next door to a Pottery Barn, but I don't think he will spot deals like that.

I like how it looks with the fresh greens & silver reindeer. Ella looked at it & concluded we could make it. All we needed was a trip to Lake Tahoe to collect the Jeffrey Pine pinecones, some silver spray paint & glitter.  $8 is sounding like an even better deal.
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Poozoe said...

absolutely gorgeous!