Monday, March 07, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

For our last not-your-everyday-Vegas-experience, I convinced my roommates to join me in the desert for a sunrise concert.  Despite our best intentions, it is rare to get to sleep before midnight, so we were giving up some serious sleep.  Plus, our Vegas desert trip last year was COLD (and that was when the sun was up).
But, my roomies agreed. We got up before Starbucks even opened.  Heard some fun music.  Played with our shadows & saw some lovely light.  Twilight came before we reached our destination, but the mountains still looked radiant.

The Ravishers opened up, but couldn't handle the cold fingers for very long.  Then, the amazing photographer Jesh de Rex took the stage with some beautiful music.  The concert ended with the very talented  Kelli Schaefer.  We wanted to see the 8 am conference, so we jumped on the first bus back to wrap up our last day at WPPI.

Thank you Kellie & Kari for joining me on this adventure! I led them on a not-so-great adventure last year (but we do have a great story) so thank you With Etiquette for a great experience - {and for not making me regret getting my roommates out of bed so early}.  Every once in a while you need to do something out of the ordinary that reminds you just how lovely life is.

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Poozoe said...

I love those last lines, Krista. Absolutely and good for you for saying YES to a unique experience!