Monday, May 02, 2011

Get Your Royal On

I have to admit, I thought all the hoopla around William & Kate's wedding was silly.  I had no desire to watch it and thought the whole press coverage was overblown. Then, I started to see all the Mom's on facebook planning early morning scone parties with their daughters. I still remember getting up so early to watch Princess Diana's wedding with my Mom & my sister (these were pre-DVR days). Her beautiful long train & the majesty of it all. 

So, while Nick rolled his eyes, I set the DVR & told the kids of my plan.  Charlie cried in agony at the thought of watching girl stuff.  Greta whined in horror that I would suggest she watch something not featuring her favorite Disney Teen Stars.  Ella wanted to see the hats. And, the hats were lovely! Her favorite? Lorna Brooking's purple stunner.  But, only because Princess Anne's purple hat was too understated (and because Ella didn't see Santa Montefiore's lovely purple ensemble).

Photo credits: Landov, Dan Kitwood/Getty, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty via. 

My favorites? I loved the youthful whimsy of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.  The elegance of Princess Marie-Chantal and the chicness of Sophie Winkleman.

Photo credits: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty, Retna, Chris Jackson/Getty, via.
In the end, everyone was happy.  Ella had fun spotting the Phillip Treacy hats.  Charlie LOVED the old cars and Greta played on along side of us.

Photo credits: Hussein Anwar/Sipa, via.
I thought that despite 2,000 people on the guest list and 2 billion onlookers, the couple looked happy {and sweetly nervous} and the ceremony retained an intimate feeling. There is something exciting about being part of such a worldwide celebration and having so many people hoping this young couple has a lifetime of happiness (together). I will be curious if Ella will remember watching the wedding in 30 years.

Hats are a must at any British society event and the Queen is rarely seen without one. I was surprised to learn that the Queen likes to wear bright colors so that she may been seen in a crowd. Do you wonder whether the wedding guests were told that yellow outfits were not appropriate? I also didn't know that the Royal family can't vote or eat shellfish (or keep eating after the Queen puts down her fork). You can read more of the oddness HERE.

Now, who wants to have a Kentucky Derby party {hats required of course}?!

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