Monday, May 09, 2011

Little Treasures

I was treated like a Queen on Sunday.  Homemade sugar scrub (Charlie elected to give his jar to Nick since Dad didn't get any gifts yesterday) and a very fancy red potato necklace.  Greta & Ella excitedly ran into the bedroom to give me my gifts.  Charlie's legs were too tired so he stayed on the couch.

Ella's class hosted a lovely party for us on Friday afternoon.  All the girls put on their finest party attire.  Ella only had one shirt with turquoise & was determined to wear it (patterns be damned).  The class created self-portraits, family portraits, cards, two poems, a pottery craft & the necklaces.  During the party, the students took turns reading a book of the lyrics of I Hope You Dance.  It was very cute.  Then the party took a disastrous turn.  The class started signing Taylor Swift's Never Grow Up.  I can't even read the lyrics to this song without tearing up.  Thankfully, Ella told me that she has no plans to move into her own apartment (unless Charlie & Greta get REALLY annoying).

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Poozoe said...

I had to look up the song lyrics. Mopping up the teary mess I made on my desk....