Tuesday, May 03, 2011

One Lump or Two

A recent adventure wrapped up too quickly and my friend and I found ourselves searching for a way to extend our afternoon with the kids. We came across a darling tea house and stopped in for a spot of tea. Mes Amis Tea House was open for a special event that Sunday (normal hours are Monday-Saturday 9-5). We walked in about 20 minutes before closing, completely underdressed by Royal Wedding standards (there is no dress code) but the owner, Ms. Otterness, still treated us like royalty.
 As you would expect, the tea menu is extensive.  The children chose a watermelon (decaf) tea. While these Yankee children weren't enamored with taste of the tea, placing a sugar cube in the tea with dainty gold tongs was so much fun.
And, even though the kitchen was closed by the time we arrived, they still managed to whip up some lovely chocolate and fruit delights.
Have I mentioned the hats? 
Ella thought the collection rivaled that of the Royal Wedding guests.  

While Philip Treacy might disagree, the kids were in heaven. As the only guests in the tea room, they had all the fabulous hats to themselves. 
When chocolate is involved, Charlie will put up with the girly stuff.  He even managed to  find some hats that could pass as a cowboy hat.

If you are looking for a unique birthday party idea, place for the kids to take Mom or Grandma to celebrate a birthday or Mother's day, a place for the ladies to get together & celebrate or a day camp option for girls,  consider Mes Amis Tea House in Nob Hill.

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