Saturday, May 07, 2011

Run for the Roses

Who's your favorite in today's race? As an Indiana girl, May sports meant only one thing – the Indy 500.  That changed when I was 16.  I was flying alone for the first time – between New York City and Indianapolis.   It was a memorable trip for several reasons, but my most visual memory was that of tiny, little men boarding the plane.  These small but powerful men commanded the attention of everyone on the plane.  The jockeys were on their way to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby.

Flash forward 8 years.  I was living in Virginia.  When you go to school in the South, you meet a lot of bourbon drinkers.  This inevitably leads to much excitement come Kentucky Derby time and when a friend moved to Louisville for a job, we knew what weekend we would visit.

You only see photos of dressed up race goers with fancy hats.   Apparently, the non-rich & famous get stuck in the not-so-glamorous infield.   We may or may not have seen people duct taping contraband bags of bourbon to their person to save money. 
 We are spending today cheering on softball & t-ball players.  However, if I were to host a Kentucky Derby Party, I would have several vases of deep red roses in the house and the party fare would include BBQ ribs, fresh green salad and derby pie.
 mint juleps
And, of course, I would serve mint juleps in frosted silver cups.  I think I hear the call to the posts now.

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Monica said...

Aww, a fun stroll down memory lane!