Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dam It All

Open Road
After the Grand Canyon, we started making our way over the river & through the woods  to Grandma's house in Las Vegas.
We decided to make a quick stop at Hoover Dam along the way.  You can't see a thing from the road, but there is a {free} parking overlook that is impressive. Even though there are many {narrowly placed} guard rails, it made Nick nervous with the kids.

Then, you can drive down to the parking structure & either walk around or take a tour (no pets are allowed on the property).

The size of the dam is impressive.

You really can't capture the size & scale of the dam taking photos through windows.
With kids, you can only take the short tour. It was about $11 for adults & $9 for kids.
The tour held the interest of about 2/3 of our group. The other one was ready to get to Grandma's. We were the last tour of the day so we spent less than an hour at the dam (we stopped for drinks on the way out - it was a hot day).

This guy was a fun unexpected spotting. 
You get a little glimpse of Lake Mead by the dam. If our trip hadn't morphed into a working vacation for me, we might have visited this time. It's on our short to-do list for our next visit.

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Sue said...

The scale of it all is so impressive!