Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dallas Bound

We spent Memorial Day in Dallas. Day 1 started with a visit at GG's (Nick's Grandmother). She hadn't met the twins before so we were glad to make this trip.

It was unbelievably hot! We alternated inside time (Nick's Grandfather built an underground house that stays nice & cool) and outside time. Climbing the mesquite tree. Playing frisbee. Looking for bugs.
Then, we'd hurry inside for a bit to cool down. GG taught everyone how to play dominoes (Mexican Train). I'm not sure, but I think she's trash talking Nick. GG's a fierce player.
We are so impressed that GG's property was immaculate.  She is certainly a hard worker.

We had a lovely visit & were so touched that GG opened her home to our craziness!

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