Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farmer's Market

One of the kids favorite Indiana activities is to visit the weekly Farmer's Market.  This was our shortest trip - it was hot & we had a second adventure planned - I didn't even take out my real camera.

It's so much larger & plentiful than the little plant sales & burrito stands we have out West. The kids were disappointed that the cloggers weren't performing today, but their eagle eyes spotted a face painter.

Can't you almost smell this basil? We were headed out for another adventure we couldn't get many vegetables. It was so hard to walk by such amazingly fresh produce. I was planning menus in my head as I walked by all the beautiful vegetables.

The kids were thrilled that Nina found some $1 bouquets and that the bouquets withstood 4 hours in the hot car before they were transferred to fresh water. It was hard to send Nick home today, but the kids were happy that he gave them a virtual tour of the house & confirmation that the dog was happy to be home. It's been a great first week and tomorrow is sure to be another jam packed adventure.

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